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from new york city this morning, shows the continuing long line of cars waiting to fuel up. gas shortages continue to be found across the east coast, 60% of gas stations in new jersey are closed because they've run out of gas. 70% of stations are closed on long island. the shortage of fuel lead to one violence incident in queens. authorities arrested a motorist yesterday after he pointed a pistol at another motorist who complained when he tried to cut in line while waiting for gas. that man is facing 15 years in prison, if convicted. >>> superstorm sandy could mean trouble for holiday shopping. retail analysts are worried department store sales could fall because people on the east coast had to spend unexpected money on supplies. macy's and bloomingdale's had to shutdown 200 stores. retail chains are expected to benefit, including home depot annual mart. >>> parent company walt disney company announced two million dollar contribution to the victims of superstorm san we are doing everything we can, including the cash donation, plus encouraging our employees to donate on their ow
now, let's give you a live picture of the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city underway now. gorgeous, sunny, kind of cold and kung fu panda doesn't seem to matter one bit. >> wow he's big. >> pablo sandoval, big in new york city. [ laughing ] >> we'll have more coming up. >>> check out this beautiful colorful sunrise from tamalpais, sausalito, san francisco to the south bay, gorgeous. temperatures warm, dallas 80, st. louis 70, 35 fargo, 37 great falls. upper 40s seattle and portland. one airport having issues, detroit flight arrival delays because of fog, a little rain around kansas city and seattle otherwise smooth sailing in san francisco, oakland and san jose. safe travels. >>> happening now 86th annual macy's parade in new york city is underway. the parade kicking off at 6:00 this morning.çf live picture now from the parade route. papa smurpf -- papa smurf, spider-man, 16 giant character balloons, 40 novelty, 28 floats. big headliner the man himself, looking forward that would be santa the city gave way 5,000 bleacher seats to families hit hardest by superstorm sandy,
are scheduled to reopen tomorrow. today's new york city marathon has been cancelled. fema funds have been approved to repair damaged roads and building in new york city and outlying areas that still need a lot of help. abc news reporter robert reports. >>> the nypd patrols the dark streets surrounding this beach, a welcome site for residence, who say the city has been slow to respond to their crisis. >> you could feel the house move. anthony said he will never forget the night sandy came ashore, flooding his neighborhood with up to five feet of water. >> this is like nothing you have ever seen in my worst nightmare. the scariest movie i've ever seen times ten. >> he used this to rope to rescue three neighbors by pulling them off their roof and into his second story bedroom but he would rather talk about the hundreds of volunteers who descended on his neighborhood over the past few days. >> but the heroes are the people walking around feeding everybody and bringing hot food and coffee and towels and everything. the people around here because nobody else did nothing for us. >> it started of
. >>> he's the new york city nan -- and she's the new york city nanny is accused of taking lives of two children she was hired to ca ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >>> welcome back. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and all the doppler radars across california all showing the same thing, dry air, it is going to be warm everywhere today from 86 in big sur, low to mid 80s through the central valley, 64 tahoe, san diego 88 palm springs 94, better in los angeles warmer i should say 95°. >>> 6:45. the nanny charged with stabbing to death two children she cared for in new york city told detectives she was fed up with being bossed a
it an empire state of mind. the special show lighting up the new york city skyline. >>> good morning. plenty of cloud cover, a couple of problems in terms of fog up towards novato, quarter mile visibility, looking good with no delays at sfo or oakland reduced visibility towards livermore. we are going to talk about more cloud cover today, overall mostly to partly cloudy this afternoon, temperatures on the cool side upper 50s to low 60s. >>> 6:25. four california cities have earned perfect scores for their anti-discrimination efforts to protect lesbian, gay, buy sexual and transgender -- by sexual and transgender employees and residents. san francisco, long beach and los angeles were given per scores of 100 by the human rights campaign. the group examined cities nationwide. california cities scoring lower include vallejo, 52. concord, 64. richmond 66 and santa rosa scored 59 which is the average score for all u.s. cities. >>> today the assassination of mayor mosconey and supervisor harvey milk will be remembered on the steps of city hall, 4:30 followed by a candlelight march, 34 years ago for
." >> that comes up in 15 minutes. right now if you need a cop in new york city this morning, go to a gas station that's where they are stationed to enforce a gas rationing plan that lets motorists fill up every other day. officials say it was imposed because something had to be done to ease long waits which they say has caused panic buying and hoarding after sandy. rationing has already been underway in new jersey for a week. nor'easter that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of new people in new york and new jersey has erased some of the progress crews have made. >>> parents, nestle recalling more than 200,000 containers of its chocolate drink mix because of possible salmonella contamination. con misssters come in the three sizes you see. -- the canisters come in the three sizes you see. no reports of illness you can return it to the store for a full refund. >> secretary of state clinton says the state department and pentagon reviewing security at diplomatic posts around the world latest reaction to the attack on the consulate in libya that killed ambassador stevens and three other amer
during protests in several american cities including demonstrations in new york city. several hundred people gathered outside the israeli consulate and wave signs. similar demonstrations happened in montgomery street in san francisco. >> a husband and wife charged with murdering a retired east bay school teacher last month are scheduled to be in court. they appeared last week but did not enter a plea. his wife has also been charged in the case. she was extradited from washington state where they were both arrested last month. couple is charged in the murder of 55-year-old suzy coe that was killed in her home. they were arrested after being spotted after driving her car in seattle. >> san rafael police have released a sketch of an armed prowler that may have been stabbed by one of his would would be victims. one of two teenage women fought off the prowler and the other called police. >> eric: 6:17. we are watching the weather and bay bridge. there have been accidents out there this morning. >> hopefully got the word out and heading out early. sure enough the floodgates are opening slow
authority's path service to get to and from new york city. >>> apple has asked a federal court to add six more products to its suit against samsung, the case is one of two lawsuits by apple against samsung. apple claims tablets and smartphones infringed on eight of its patents. apple won a 1.5 billion dollar against samsung is i am >>> youtube has a top video investors will be watching retailers this cyber monday morning. >> jane king joins us live. hopefully a great thanksgiving for you. >> yes it was, thank you. the retailers look like they had a great thanksgiving, we'll be getting newspapers -- getting numbers as the month goes on. they try to hold on to the weekend shopping momentum and boost that mobile shoppers gave them. investors trying to figure out if strong sales numbers mean people plan to spend more this season or whether they just shopped early to take advantage of deals? how much of the spending was on gifts and how much were people buying for themselves. study indicates nearly half of tech purchasers who shopped thursday and friday bought something for themselves, that co
studio will be doing in the new york city parade on thanksgiving day. the girls say they are excited their routine will be part of a 500 member dance showcase. >> we will be wearing the same costume in a tight clump when everybody is doing it together it will look awesome. >> i'm nervous but excited. >> students to pay their own way so they've been doing fundraising. >>> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of daly city water tank -- flooding a neighborhood. lausanne avenue near hillside park, we are beginning to get a good idea how extensive the damage is and how much mud to cleanup. >>> a story you saw first on abc7, oakland port official stepping down after a question able visit to a strip club. >> reporter: latest on the tang ed web that the general david -- david petraeus affair. >>> breaking news at 6:30 remains in daly city. you are looking at the hillside park area that neighborhood flooded now after a torrent of water and mud came down a hillside when a water tank on top of the hill leaked or broke or something, emptied its content and this is the result, lots of ca
from superstorm sandy. in new york city, look at this, commuters trying to pack that bus trying to get on last night because it is so hard to get around and so few options. today some subway lines have been restored after getting flooded out. governor cuomo has declared a transit state of emergency. all transit fares will be waived through tomorrow. drivers won't be allowed into the city with less than three people, in their car. stay with abc7 morning news coming up katie marzullo will have much more on the storm's aftermath. >>> to help people affected by superstorm sandy you can text the words red cross to 9099 to donate $10 or call go to 1-800-redcross. >>> traffic and weather together, next. >> live look outside now. [ inaudible ] [ unintelligible ] >>> welcome back. some of the rain totals on live doppler almost an inch santa rosa, half inch novato, third of an inch san francisco, quarter inch palo alto, a 10th in san jose. here's a look at radar returns most impressive east bay valleys through the santa cruz mountains into the santa clara valley light rain through 9:00, skies op
in new york city.]xá+ the odd/even system was put in blase last month. mayor bloomberg imposed the system due to long lines. he says he doesn't want to risk extreme lines again so he's extending the gas rationing through friday many >>> this morning hostess will begin liquidating the company. the popular snack foods are expected to survive. hostess lawyers will be in bankruptcy court in new york to ask for permission to begin selling off the company. experts believe another company will buy the ding-dong, ho-ho and twinkies portion of tess. the company decide today liquidate rather than restructure after striking workers refused a contract offer. >>> breaking news news we brought you 30 minutes ago. top silicon valley ceo retiring. >> pizza hut hope customers will stuff themselves the day before they stuff themselves with turkey. >> let's check in with jane king live at the new york stock exchange and find out more. >> good morning. i think actually wednesday night is the biggest pizza night of the year. we'll have that story coming up. higher start here optimism somehow president obama a
too much about that on the west coast. usually that's buffalo, upstate new york. but carson city, nevada, talking about lake-effect snow in reno this morning with temperatures in the 20s. let now snowing at the tahoe valley airport. 22 degrees. we are talking about highs near 30 and one to three inches of snow is possible. back home our sutro camera, and isn't this an interesting shot where temperatures are very chilly. wind-chill factor of 34 degrees down in watsonville. and down around our south bay communities and also the monterey coast, san benito, we are looking at the possibility of showers. live doplar 7hd shows the green really skipping over san francisco. it is running parallel to the coastline. we could see some showers around monterey, and salinas and they will continue to sink south. we are also looking at that cold air allowing for perhaps some snow around lake county and clear lake in the north bay. but take a look. all of this is pushing to the east. we get that lake-effect snow on the east side of the lake. pyramid lake. so the possibility of that around reno, ca
of hazardous waste. >>> under the pressure to meet the immediate needs of the city, new york mayor michael bloomberg reversed himself yesterday and cancelled tomorrow's new york marathon. sergio quintana talked with runners who were among 47,000 others already in place for the world's largest marathon. >> this would have been the ninth marathon annie mitchell participated in and would have been her final race but she cancelled her plans after seeing the devastation the city is still dealing with. >> i just didn't think it was right that they were pulling resources to help runners when there's people missing, no power, no water, no food, no heat. it just didn't seem right at all. >> she, along with at least half a dozen other san francisco runners, had trained for months to run the new york marathon. some did make the trip. chris king flew in and even checked in for the race. >> we did. picked up our race number here and, you know, some bits of merchandise as well. >> donald cutler also made the trip. he spoke to us by skype. >> i was extremely conflicted about running this race. but as lon
live from new york now to tell us what you are working is going v. she really took this city by storm, i guess pun unintended there. >> that's nice when someone who is ordinariary is catapulted because of something extraordinary that they do. that's a nice story. >> exactly. she's a public servant and she's now a little bit of a celebrity for the best possible reason. >> i agree. and about starting the holiday season way early, i am so opposed to that. i just do not like it. >> you know, a lot of people do not like the idea of thanksgiving, which is sort of a secular holy day in this country, being interrupted by shopping. we will show you coming up on the show who it is that is trying to put an end to it. >> all right. that's a disease so it must be kind of a surprise. >> that's a tees. >> all right. we will look for you at 7:00. that's correct, dan. have a good weekend. >> appreciate it. you too. >> we are going to check out sports this morning. this morning the raiders are in baltimore while the 49ers host the st. louis rams at candlestick park. kickoff 1:25. yesterday stanford had
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